Sunday, January 19, 2014

Days Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen

This is not the girl in the story but I like the shorts.

I completed the six day fruit fast on Friday and man, am I happy to be eating again.  I’m really glad I did it though, because I feel light, happy and like I lost about five pounds all in my stomach.

Today, Kerry, Rico, Andrea, Ruzel, Anthony and I went to Shady Canyon where we rode bicycles on the trail, then hiked.  I wish I had a video of Rico riding his bike because he reminds me of that comedian on Laugh-In who would ride this tiny tricycle and steer it into walls.  Andrea got a recording of Rico in all his Laugh-In glory but said that it somehow got messed up, otherwise I would be able to share it with you now.

I went to Chris’s four-thirty class tonight.  I came in feeling stiff and sore from biking and hiking, but left feeling loosey goosey.  Such is the power of Bikram yoga.

Earlier today there was a LaLa Land yoga clothing sale in the yoga studio which I missed because I was on the trail.  But there were still some of the clothes available for sale and one of the students was trying a pair of too-small-for-her shorts on in the girls locker room.  She had long, dark, wild black hair that cascaded down her back, covering whatever large tattoo that graced her back.  She wore the tie-dyed shorts that were too tight for her, a black Lycra top and had her iPhone in hand, attempting various poses for her “selfie.”  I promptly got out my notebook and started recording everything she was doing which is one of my favorite things to do.  Way I look at it, the universe is just a vast repository of material which falls like rain out of the sky and then gets recorded in my notebook for sharing with all of you.  So far no one has caught on to what I’m doing.

“Those shorts look great on you,” I lied.  "Sometimes it’s good to take a picture of yourself just so you can see what they look like better.”  She looked up at me all large brown eyes and pouty lips and smiled.  “Just so long as you don’t take pictures in the locker room of us girls naked and post it to Facebook,” I cautioned.

“Oh, no.  I’d never do that!”

“I know you wouldn’t.  I’m just teasing you,” said I as I continued to make notes in my notebook.

She bought the shorts.

Class was entertaining.  When we are in savasana, lying on our stomachs during the spine-strengthening series, we are instructed in between postures to turn out heads first to the right, then to the left.  Turning my head to the right, I got to look at the guy who must be the missing link because of all the hair on his back.  Turning my head to the left, I got to look at the tall hippie photographer who is covered in tattoos.  Each turn to the left and I saw the tattoo of the skeleton on his calf waving at me.  Both his arms are literally covered in tattoos.  I usually enjoy staring at peoples tattoos to figure out what they’ve had inked on their body, but when it comes to his arms, it’s such a jumble that I can’t make heads or tails of it.  I think it’s a rose garden complete with vines and thorns.

Sixteen classes so far in fourteen days and one more gold star on the board tonight.

See you all next time.

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