Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day Three

When am I going to learn to not trust Rico?  Rico is my favorite training partner and we like to meet every Wednesday morning for a trail hike.  What I thought would be a nice easy hour and a half hike turned into a grueling three hours of steep uphill climbing followed by some pretty spectacular ocean views and steep downhill.  Would I ever complain to Rico?  No, I wait until I get home and then blog about it to the world.

After the hike, I rubbed my sore feet, then headed off to my fifth 90 minute hot yoga class in three days.  The room felt delightfully warm and soothing on more sore back and muscles even though had it not been for the challenge I probably would’ve been home relaxing.

When I came home, Surfer Boy had prepared a mouth watering salad made from local organic vegetables and grass-fed ground sirloin which he says we need to improve our hemoglobin or some such technicality.  I don't care what it does, I devoured every tasty morsel.

I think I’ll head off to bed now and dream of luscious hot fudge sundaes, something that is not on my 30 day yoga challenge diet.

See you tomorrow!

Authors Note:  The hike was pretty damn awesome.

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