Monday, March 12, 2012

Jen's Awesome New Westsuit Review

California has some of the best surf in the world.  It's consistent, glassy, a great place to meet totally cute guys like my Surfer Boy husband, oh and one more thing about California surf - it's freaking freezing!

I seem to have what's referred to as cold hands (and feet), warm heart.  I grew up in Miami and I was cold there.

I am very happy to report that this surfer girl can give you a five star rating on my new Patagonia Wetsuit.  I'm the envy of all the surfers down at our local surf spot and am telling everyone who will listen just how great this wetsuit really is.

I love to surf.  Being that it's March, the water temperature has been hovering around 56 degrees.  My surf sessions have been accompanied by much complaining - again to anyone who will listen - and a hasty exit out of the ocean after about an hour with my tail tucked between my legs.

No more!  You guys have just got to check this new wetsuit out.  My surf sessions are now easily two hours and I could extend it to three hours, no prob, dude.  I'm totally stoked, man.  I think I'll check in on Face Book, take pictures for the blog and maybe even become a Patagonia spokesperson.

As my good friend Charlie says, I look like a model for  The Price Is Right

The wetsuit is made from recycled (Patagonia likes to use the word recycled every chance they get) polyester, chloroprene rubber - I've never met a man who didn't love a woman in rubber - and the real magic: Merino Wool lined.

What is Merino Wool, you might ask?  Only the finest, comfiest, highest quality, known for its superb wicking abilities, wool.  At least it's not Virgin Wool, which as we all know, comes from ugly sheep.

Here's what a Merino Sheep, prized livestock that they are, look like:

Wouldn't you just love to have my coat for the lining of your wetsuit?

As you can tell, I couldn't be more thrilled with this new development in my surfing career.  I'm paddling out with a huge grin on my face, taking off on steep waves with utter confidence that my body's not going to freeze up, practicing my spinners and ballerina moves.  All the other surfers in the lineup are looking at me wondering - "What happened to you" ?  They all want some of the kool-aide I'm drinking.

So, if you live in a cold water environment, or if you have aspirations of taking a surf trip to Alaska, the Patagonia Wetsuit is for you.

Excuse me now, while I slither like a snake into my new wetsuit (no back zipper friends) grab my surf board, booties and my smile for a surf session out in the Pacific Ocean.

See you in the lineup!