Monday, May 17, 2010

Rico Finishes Inaugural El Moro 50K -Rattlesnakes and All

I couldn't be more proud of my favorite training partner, Rico, who finished the inaugural El Moro 50K on Saturday!

Rico and I have spent thousands of hours running zillions of miles of trails together at our beloved El Moro, in Crystal Cove State Park. I ran 45 miles there on my 45th birthday, and he ran 60 miles there on his 60th birthday.

The race was limited to the first 50 entrants. Rico's girlfriend, Andrea, and I went to the finish line to cheer him on and were not surprised to hear every finisher commenting on how the trails were swarming with rattlesnakes. That fact alone should limit next years entrants to, oh probably 5 instead of 50.

We waited at the finish line. And we waited. And waited. Finally, we decided to hike out to find Rico. About a mile into the trail, after passing a hefty size rattler curled up on the side of the trail, we finally ran into Rico, who had to hastily jump out of the way of a rattler at mile 18, thus causing his back to wrench. The look on my face at the finish line attests to Rico's sheer determination and guttin' it out-ability.

I plan on being there next year, cuz I just love cute little ole' rattlers. Join us, will you?

Monday, May 10, 2010

First Dr. Cutter - Next: Dr. Needleman

Time for another rant about my knee. The bible says "and the word was made flesh" translation: what you talk about becomes reality. So it could be time to put my writing about the knee aside.

If any of you are considering taking a doctor's advice and going under the knife, think again. It's been almost a year since my knee surgery and I still can't run. Since I live in this body I can tell you that the recovery has been slow. If I had it to do over again, I would get second, third and fourth opinions. Or perhaps the best idea of all; listen to my body and WAIT. What a concept. I just wanted the darn thing healed, so under the knife I went with Dr Cutter.

Eleven months later, the new MRI shows a cyst that grew at the surgery site. So what have I decided? On Wednesday I go in for a procedure with Dr. Needleman, who drains the cyst, then they give a cortisone shot that reduces the inflammation. I am beginning to think I could have left well enough alone, but now realize that I need to somehow drain the cyst behind my knee because I can feel it and it's slowing me way down.

For my next trick, I am going to hire a good Medicine Man (or Woman) who can pull the evil spirit out of my big toe. Does anyone have the website address of a good one?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

90 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge Drop Out

I found out that one can over stretch. I stuck to the first 30 days of the Bikram Yoga challenge quite religiously. Yes, I was practicing in church. Here is how it went:

I was not willing to give up my other workouts which include trail hiking (not running much yet), spinning and surfing. That meant on most days, double workouts. In the days pre knee surgery, triple workouts were the order of the day. Much as I don't want to admit it, my body still seems to be healing and the knee complains too much when I overdo it. This has been difficult to accept as I have this vision of myself as Wonder Woman. the end of the 30 days, I wasn't having as much fun as I like. My life is all about fun. It's back to spreading the workouts out.

The 30 days took much more mental discipline than I thought it would. When you are attempting a perfect standing bow pulling pose, it's not the time to think about how your stock options are doing.

This morning, Surfer Boy and I had a nice surf session. The guys all look so much better wearing wetsuits than they do in yoga class where, let's just say, not much is left to the imagination, when it could be.

I don't own a scale, but I have noticed that my jeans are baggier. C'mon girls (and guys), that's really what we're all after.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Got A New Job!

Hey guys! I got a new job! Last week was kind of a tough week but it has a happy ending.

I've been looking, looking, looking for work. My Mom is so over loaning me cat food for Baby and one cannot live on rice alone.

On Tuesday night, one of my good friends passed away unexpectedly. It was really sad. I was home Thursday, crying, when I got a call back from a job I applied for. I didn't want to go to the interview, but something told me to stop crying, get dressed and go. When I got there, I got the job out of one hundred and sixty applicants! I started Friday and I love it. I'm a receptionist for a commercial landscaping company.

Here's the weird part: The company is located in the exact same center as a restaurant where my friend was the last night he was alive. He was there for a going away party. Coincidence? I don't think so. I say next time you have an inner urging; listen to it. There are Angels all around us. That's why my Mom named me Angela! Have a great day everyone.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 30 - Done!!

Yesterday morning I completed day 30 of my 90 day Bikram Yoga challenge. How do I feel? Stretched, pulled, twisted, two inches increased in height, and like I've never sweat so much in my life. I don't think I've ever done this much working out. That even takes into consideration the mega miles put in for ultra marathon training.

This morning, Surfer Boy and I are going to celebrate by surfing! Look how clean the conditions are. Life is an amazing, beautiful gift and quite an adventure.