Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pain is inevitable, suffering, is optional.

"Pain is inevitable, suffering, is optional."

This was the phrase that my brilliant surgeon, Dr. William Bugbee presented me with after the surgery.
"What Zen book did you read that in?"  Said I.

Day two, home from the hospital.  Here's what I've learned:

•  Buy stock in Ben & Jerry's

•  The rumours of Kerry's lack of cooking expertise are greatly exaggerated

•  If you can ever get your hands on one of those clay infused, instead of gel, ice packs, buy one.  I don't care what it costs

•  The hand held shower massage was one of God's greatests inventions

•  Pets really do offer unconditional love like no other.  Just don't get more than four.  Please.

•  Victor Jose Snaggles (Jessica's chihuahua) is so strange looking that he's precious.

•  If you live in Southern California, you just might get Brad Budde as your in home physical therapist.   Evidently, he's a football legend, whose name was lost on me, but Kerry was all impressed.  We had our first meeting yesterday.  He's 6'4" 262 lbs. and quite imposing.  If anyone can whip me into shape, he can.

•  I have the world's greatest friends and family.  Many of which are much better cooks than I would've ever thought!

•  I'm surprised by how few people have ever heard of this amazing sugery: the allograft.  Perhaps the recovery will be long, but more about that later.......


  1. Great quote. Keep loading up on ice cream. I live on that stuff!

  2. Yay! :) I am so happy things are going well :)

  3. Yes, tell us everything. I want to know everything. Are you in a cast? It doesn't look like it? You are not putting any weight on the leg, right? Hmm, what else... how are pain killers? Are you lying in bed a lot, or are you already trying to get around more? I tried to be active after the surgery, you know, dressing on my own, getting out in the car, but then I quickly realized that best was to just rest. But we are all different!

  4. I will answer all the questions in today's installment! Thanks guys. Now, about that Cherry Garcia........