Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me, Myself and I. NOT!

I remember reading a study several years back that went something like this:  Researchers recorded the voices of a control group of men.  They counted every time the men used the words Me, Myself or I in a sentence.  The study concluded that the men who used those words most often had the highest incidence of heart attacks.

Last night, I received devastating news about the health of a very close family member.  My first impulse was to jump up, get in my car and make the three hour drive to the hospital bed in which she lays.  Tears of frustration leaped to my eyes as I'm not even cleared to drive yet.

I have a new impetus to heal my body and get strong.  My family, friends, and community need me.

When I was an ultra marathon runner I always had this confidence:  "If there's ever an emergency, I can always run 50 miles.

Not so today, but I can do other things.  I can pray, I can phone call, I can support those around me, I can egads, cook.  And don't forget, I can FaceBook!

It's not all about Me, Myself and I, folks.  Our loved ones need us.

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  1. aaaw, that's so sad! i'm sorry you couldn't be present there physically!!!!