Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day One: Back From the Hospital

Gnarly.  Is that a real word?  If so, that is what an osteochondral allograft is.

Wednesday was spent with the entire day fasting as the surgery was scheduled for evening.  We got to the hospital one hour early on a perfect La Jolla beach day, so decided to relax under a life giving sun before going into three days of hospital confinement.

Once at the hospital, it's forms, signatures, payments, EKG's, vitals, weigh ins, blood tests, psychological tests (they must've asked me the spelling of my name and DOB at least a million times.  At least they didn't ask who the current President is, as I'm not sure.

The last meeting was with a lovely Indonesian woman who performed my EKG, weight and height.  She had a kick ass sense of humour.  It was a party in there.  When it came time for her to hand me my hospital issue clothing, I didn't realize I was to completely strip down.  Duh.  She cocked her head and said in that cute Indonesian accent: "Honey, this the Full Monty"

Next the wheel chair got rolled in.  In typical Jen Evans Queen fashion, I proceeded to pose for the camera in various poses befitting a wheel chair, when whom should walk in, but Dr. Bugbee.  He rolled his eyes and said "Good Gawd, what are you up to this time?"  It seemed I was a celebrity that night as he had in tow, two surgeons.  One was from Belgium, the other from Germany.  That's how well renowned Dr. Bugbee is:  Surgeons fly in from all over the world to learn from him.

Next thing I knew, I was having a lovely vision of Kerry and I sitting on our sofa sipping our morning coffee as is the custom around here.  Suddenly I realized I was not relaxing on the sofa.  No, I was being wheeled down a hospital corridor.  Pandemonium ensues once a patient is completed surgery.  It was at that point that I burst into tears from the sheer emotion of it all.  I was grabbing any one's hand that was close enough for TLC.  Before Dr. Bugbee left me, I grabbed him and made him give me a hug.  I don't know if that's hospital protocol, but I don't care.

I had lovely visitors, including ultra running friend David.  He is a scientist who works three minutes walk from the hospital and is one of the smartest people I know.  BFF Chris, with a pint of ice cream, and the lovely Michele, with laughter and great conversation overlooking Torrey Pines Golf Course and the Pacific Ocean.

Once home, I was greeted by my sweet daughter, Jessica, bearing a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream and Victor Jose Snaggles.  Finally, one of the best nights sleep ever, with Surfer Boy and our black kitty, Ruby.

Pictures of my shower chair tomorrow........


  1. you crack me up! oh, i loved my shower chair and used it a week longer than I needed to, haha!

  2. Ulyana: you're the one who gave me the shower chair idea. That hand held shower massage will only be pryed out of my cold lifeless fingers