Friday, March 25, 2011

Get On Your Bikes And Ride!

Yesterday was a really big day;  my first follow up with Dr. Bugbee. Week four since the allograft.

We started out by heading to the Living Water Rejuvenation Center in Carlsbad for my colonic.  Not being able to work up a sweat these days, my body is more than ever craving a detox.  Get that crazy anesthesia out of me!

I made the decision on my own this week to get out of the walker and transfer to crutches.  What an amazing feeling of freedom.

After the colonic, my body was light, happy and full of energy.  When we got to Scripps Clinic in La Jolla to see the Doc, I was so pumped up, eager to get the thumbs up on my progress.  Kerry was laughing at me in the waiting room as all the other patients were sitting around in their knee braces, wheelchairs, or canes, most of them with a forlorn look on their faces.  I was Ms. Energy, pacing back and forth on my crutches, swinging my leg up in the air, smiling, getting my game face on before I saw the Doc.

I am thrilled to report that he says everything looks great, it's healing well, and that I can start adding some stationary biking, pool workouts and even Bikram Yoga!  I can also put up to 50% weight on the left leg while walking with crutches.  He said the words that were magic to my ears "You're doing even better than I expected you would"  I think that's because I was such a cry baby in the hospital.  Guilty as charged, the entire hospital staff at Green Hospital got to see a grown woman cry.  Several times.  It did get me some extra desserts, though :)

Dr. Bugbee handed me the Op report before we left with the disclaimer: "Wait until you get home to read this"

This morning I got up the nerve to scan the report.  There are many mentions of the term "sawing" "Nuff said.  The part I was most interested in was what they found when they opened up my knee.  Dr. Bugbee in medical, technical speak said it was "Pretty Messed Up"  It turns out that the defect was 5 cm. x 2.5 cm. in size.  5 cm. translates into 2 inches.  I can't believe I was walking around like that for so long.  I did the right thing!

Today, biking and tomorrow Bikram Yoga!  And 'aint the prettiest incision you've ever seen?  I think it is!


  1. Holy crap!!! WOW! that's a ginormous damage area. SO GLAD you did the surgery. That kinda thing just doesn't heal on its own.

    I'm glad you are going to Bikram!!!! You'll see, it'll be magical! haha!

  2. WOW!!! Yay! Yoga AND biking! This is fantastic!!! :)