Friday, February 19, 2010

Thanks or No Thanks?

I was reading a book on abundance today. Financial abundance to be specific. There was a part in the book that said to practice not saying thank you-at least temporarily- when someone, such as a server at a restaurant gave you something. The reason for this, is because we live in an abundant universe, where everything we need is right here, available to all and there is no reason to question it. It's our birthright. The author gave the example: Does a lion thank the gazelle for giving up its life for the meal to be fed to the lion? I found myself resisting this, as I was raised in a home where we were all told to say please and thank you.

Later, as I was looking out at the ocean at the waves lapping on the shore, with no question as to if they should continue to be grateful to the tide coming in and out, and the seagulls searching for the food which they have no question will be there waiting for them, and the palm tree outside my window, which I've looked at hundreds of times, majestically standing there with every right in the world to be there, I suddenly felt more abundant than I had in a long time. I realized that in that moment, I needed to do nothing other than BE there. I will likely continue to be polite to servers, but I am also going to look at the world differently. We all really are living in the Garden of Eden, no questions asked!

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