Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday On The Secret Trail

We got a break from the rain today. Yay! Since Southern Californian's are so wimpy about rain, the state parks usually close down with the least amount of rain, probably thinking someone with a high priced Newport Beach attorney will sue them if they slip and fall. That was exactly the case today, although we are having stellar weather. Blue skies and not a cloud in the sky. The great news is, I know of a secret trail in Laguna Beach. Kerry, Chris, Rex (Chris's dog) and I had a lovely eight mile hike/run. Boy, did I need an outdoor activity. Everything was clear, crisp and we could even see snow on the mountains in the distance. When we got to our turnaround point, which overlooks all of Laguna Beach, we saw some surfers out in the lineup. My Best Buy kiosk camera is not to be made fun of, because look at the great photo I was able to zoom in on. Life, my friends, is extremely good. Tonight we will sit out on our deck and watch the sunset over Catalina Island with a good (expensive) glass of red wine. I may be a lot of things, but a cheap date is not one of them. Cheers!

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