Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Celebration of Life - Surfing

Today Kerry and I attended a "Celebration of Life" for a dear friend, Mike Spence. He was 62 when he passed last week. "Spence", as he was known to the surfing community was very dear to my heart. My surfing goddess buddy, Shelly and Spence were the folks who introduced me to my Surfer Boy husband, Kerry. I'll never forget that day in the water, some six years ago, when the four of us were out in the lineup together on a gorgeous day at the Newport Pier.Every day at the beach is a gorgeous day!

His funeral was amazing and very well attended. The church was overflowing with friends from his church, his job at Edison International as well as all the members from Blackie's Classics Surf Club. There were a lot of tears as well as laughter. Unbeknownst to his church community, all of the members of the Surf Club signed the label of a bar of surf wax and elected Cathy to slip it into the casket with Spence. Cathy, you are a better woman than I! When Spence enters the gates of heaven, he will have a bar of "warm" Sticky Bumps surf wax. He was quite the surfer, so he will appreciate that.

After such an emotional day, Kerry and I decided to surf the evening glass off at San Onofre. It was magical. There were exactly three of us in the lineup. I have surfed in many places in the world and it's rare to find that small of a crowd. The waves were perfect. I could feel Spence out there with us tonight. Amazingly, there was a huge, continuing flock of seagulls, must have been in the hundreds, that flew overhead as we surfed and the sun set. I had the biggest grin on my face the whole time. At one point, Kerry and I caught the perfect wave together. We were hootin' and hollerin' as I turned to him and said........."this must be what the surf is like in heaven"

Spence, we will miss your smiling face and energy out in the water. Enjoy your Endless Summer in the sky.

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