Monday, January 18, 2010

Alien Abduction - By the Cyber World Aliens

Hello Loyal Readers! Last week was a very interesting week. The technology gods were not looking favorably upon us. Everything seemed to not work! I'm talking cell phones, headsets, ipods, iphones, TV's, stereos, etc. But most especially, our beloved blog. I was beginning to think that when the aliens abducted us, they left a metal plate somewhere in our bodies!

Thanks to the lovely and talented Dominique, who is not only a published author, and an artist who is currently working on "Project Nomad" (yes, she voluntarily chose to become homeless as an art and research project) but also my step-daughter, we are back up and running at the new address.

As a side note, Angela is starting a new job and will be posting less. Wish her luck!

Until we transfer all the past postings, you can (and we know you want to) go back to to read the prior posts. Thank you all for your loyalty. The adventure continues!

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