Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Cover Girl" for Allograft Recovery

I wanted to share my progress with y'all, but the first thing I can think as I write this post is: "Dayum, would it kill ya to put some makeup on woman?"

Today was a very exciting day.  Week 9 Doctor followup since the allograft.  We took X-rays and Dr. Bugbee, so pleased with my progress, pointed out the areas, clearly visible on the X-ray, where the new cartilage is implanted in two places.  "See your new cartilage"? Said he, quite brightly.  We compared the old film, where the cartilage was so severely degenerated, to the new and yes indeed, I could see with my own eyes, the difference.  He reported that the cartilage is integrating nicely.  Yay!  We then took one of my crutches, threw it into Dante's Inferno, and he handed me one crutch and said "Walk"  What?  Yes, Master, whatever you say Master.  I was quite pleased with how balanced it felt.  Freedom!

My next step, so to speak, is to ride the exercise bike like crazy.  And to learn to walk again.  It was exciting to do so in front of the Doctor, but then the more I did so as the day went on, my leg began to rebel a bit.  9 whole weeks of not putting more than 50% max weight on that leg made it a bit lazy.  But I can feel it coming back to life. (in between icing sessions that is)  SHE'S ALIVE!

Photo one (above) is 4 weeks post op.  Photo two is 8 weeks.  Quite a difference in range of motion.  And lemme tell ya - I've been workin' it like crazy.

Dr. Bugbee was telling me that today, he saw a patient (age 30) who he performed a patella allograft on and that it's taking beautifully.  It's pretty exciting work he's doing there.

I will leave you with a real Cover Girl shot of me just so you guys know that yes, they are doing wonderful work at the Scripps Cartilage Transplantation Center and at L'Oreal.  I'm worth it!

Like I always say: "What a difference lighting, makeup, professional photography, smoke and mirrors can make!"  Don't leave home without them.  You never know who might be watching.


  1. LOL, you are adorable and I am so happy for you and your continued recovery! You will be back running before you know it! :)

  2. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Congratulations!!! What wonderful news... and now you are on the next big step. WOW! YOU DID IT!!! So happy for you (i know i'm repeating myself, haha!).

  3. LOVE your process!!! And the photo at the bottom is KILLER!!!! Too bad you and Kelly can't hang out together while you both are mending!