Monday, April 25, 2011

Life Was Wonderful. And Then The Morphine Wore Off!

Actually the morphine wore off about seven weeks ago.  Darn it.

Week eight after my surgery.  Time for an osteochondral allograft update since I know y'all are dyin' to hear.

Anyone that ever tells you that surgery is easy is lying.  After all the extensive research I did prior to the surgery, going into the procedure knowing that the full recovery would be about a year, well, I just didn't think that time frame could actually apply to me!

I remember several years back when I was single, walking the beach and thinking to myself, "My kids are healthy, I've got a great job, I make wonderful money, I'm a fit, ultra marathon runner, I love my circle of friends, I live at the beach.  I have got it ALL!  But God - What did you do with my relationship file"?

Last night Surfer Boy and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary.  Romance, fine wine, love.  We had dinner at a breathtaking restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  I wore a beautiful full length, turquoise, classy, spaghetti string strap dress with all my favorite sparkly jewelry.  Somehow the image of this runway model was tarnished by the addition of yep, you guessed it, my crutches!

But it did get me lots of attention from the wait staff.  "Can we bring you an extra chair to prop your leg?  Would you like some ice for your knee?  Do you need help getting up and down the (3) steps"?

Some days the knee feels pretty flexible, and other days, I wake up screaming and realize that I haven't been asleep!  Morphine, where are you?

The first eight weeks, all physical therapy has been done at home.  Tomorrow I meet with a new Physical Therapist.  I get to actually go to a PT gym and have a coach.  Exciting!

And I'm happy to report that God did find my relationship file.  Surfer Boy, I love you.  My amazing partner has stood by my side through this whole thing.  I am alive!  I will survive!


  1. Just remember all the good and positive things! Your knee will heal BECAUSE of all the other things in your life! You were healthy and fit going into this, and I think that will be HUGE in helping you recover quickly. I know its frustrating, but you will come out of this on top! :)

  2. Hang in there! Time will fly and you'll be back and all healed and I'm guessing running will be so much better with your fixed knee!

  3. how's PT going? I'm sure that's just the first step to your full recovery. wildflower was a blast - you'll have a blast there next year!