Tuesday, May 10, 2011

101 Ways I Get Out Of Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical therapy exercises are dumb.  They're really wimpy compared to running 50 miles or having a four hour warm water surf session in Maui.  But, alas, they're worth it.

As I was getting ready for my morning home session of PT, here are some of the procrastinating thoughts and actions that prepared me:

•  If I pick up this particular inspirational book, and open it to a random page, I'll read exactly the sentence I need to motivate me.

•  What's for breakfast?

•  I wonder if my old friend Kevin Helmo is on FaceBook?

•  I'm going to post an inane status update to FB to see if anyone is just as bored as I

•  What exactly was last nights dream about?  I was suckling an infant to my breast in the dream.  Perhaps I've given birth to something new in my life.  Hmmmmmm.  What could that be?

•  I wonder if I still have that old "Jewel" CD.  There's a song on there I want to learn to sing.

•  He should've never gone into Old Man Spivey's backyard that dark summer night. (A quote from one of my favorite B horror films)

•  Perhaps there really is a new drug being developed that will eliminate pain with no side effects

•  If I play this Wayne Dyer motivational CD while I work out, maybe it will make the process easier

•  You know, a blue area rug would look really good in the living room

•  How exactly will it go today when Kerry and I finally pin Victor (Jessica's chihuahua) down and brush his teeth?  This veterinary dentistry is costing us a fortune.

•  Let me check my Iphone one more time to see if anyone's called or texted

•  Does Mary Kay make an eyeliner that's waterproof?  If so, I need to order that

•  One last trip to the internet to check out photon therapy as an option for my knee

•  Do we have enough frequent flyer miles for a trip to Maui?  First Class?

•  What are Victor and Rusty barking at?  Again?  I'm going to throw this bottle of digestive enzymes that sits on my coffee table at them.  That'll shut 'em up!

•  Who's going to get eliminated on Dancing With The Stars tonight?

•  Okay, the Lakers sucked this last round.  Kobe Bryant 'aint gettin' none from me tonight

And then.....at long last......there's FINALLY doing the exercises

They take about an hour per session (2-3 per day)  It doesn't even matter if I'm focused or not.  The sheer action of going through the motions has produced results.  I walk mostly steadily with one crutch. Today, I could bend my knee just about all the way into my chest while lying flat.  I actually kissed my knee!  My Mom always used to kiss my boo-boo's.  It always made them feel better.

Happy Days To You All!

As soon as I can do this again, I'll post a picture.  It won't be long.


  1. Love you, Jen! Keep smiling and you will be doing that one legged yoga pose before you know it!

  2. that's a long warm-up for an hour long PT session! Keep at it and you'll be back stronger than ever!