Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free exorcisms, anyone?

Had a great visit w my very close family member who is temporarily in a nursing home. She's by far the youngest person there. The graciousness she displays in her situation is truly inspiring. And her sense of humor!!!!! We had great belly laughs listening to her iPhone recording of "the exorcist" roommate she had for 2 nights. I was able to encode most of it as it was in Spanish. Hey: you gotta keep your sick sense of humor intact.

When we got home, I one crutchedly walked into our humble (such as it is) home, next to the beach, took a deep breath, looked at the ocean and realized life is all about perspective.  And lots of holy water!


  1. I love your new blog. You and Kerry look amazing! I love your attitude and I wish we lived closer. We'd have a ball gimping around together!

  2. Keep that spirit up!

    I also know some young people in nursing homes - many who have way more talent than me that have been struck down too early. Keep being positive and keep doing good.