Monday, May 17, 2010

Rico Finishes Inaugural El Moro 50K -Rattlesnakes and All

I couldn't be more proud of my favorite training partner, Rico, who finished the inaugural El Moro 50K on Saturday!

Rico and I have spent thousands of hours running zillions of miles of trails together at our beloved El Moro, in Crystal Cove State Park. I ran 45 miles there on my 45th birthday, and he ran 60 miles there on his 60th birthday.

The race was limited to the first 50 entrants. Rico's girlfriend, Andrea, and I went to the finish line to cheer him on and were not surprised to hear every finisher commenting on how the trails were swarming with rattlesnakes. That fact alone should limit next years entrants to, oh probably 5 instead of 50.

We waited at the finish line. And we waited. And waited. Finally, we decided to hike out to find Rico. About a mile into the trail, after passing a hefty size rattler curled up on the side of the trail, we finally ran into Rico, who had to hastily jump out of the way of a rattler at mile 18, thus causing his back to wrench. The look on my face at the finish line attests to Rico's sheer determination and guttin' it out-ability.

I plan on being there next year, cuz I just love cute little ole' rattlers. Join us, will you?

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  1. ....the trails were swarming with rattlesnakes...

    OMG.... that would have just done me in right there! HUGE congratulations to Rico!!!!

    And you're so funny with your last line.. "cuz i just love cute little ole' rattlers..." oh yeahhh! And who DOESN'T? well.. if they are indeed, little plastic teething rattlers for little cute babies... :O)