Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Got A New Job!

Hey guys! I got a new job! Last week was kind of a tough week but it has a happy ending.

I've been looking, looking, looking for work. My Mom is so over loaning me cat food for Baby and one cannot live on rice alone.

On Tuesday night, one of my good friends passed away unexpectedly. It was really sad. I was home Thursday, crying, when I got a call back from a job I applied for. I didn't want to go to the interview, but something told me to stop crying, get dressed and go. When I got there, I got the job out of one hundred and sixty applicants! I started Friday and I love it. I'm a receptionist for a commercial landscaping company.

Here's the weird part: The company is located in the exact same center as a restaurant where my friend was the last night he was alive. He was there for a going away party. Coincidence? I don't think so. I say next time you have an inner urging; listen to it. There are Angels all around us. That's why my Mom named me Angela! Have a great day everyone.

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