Sunday, March 28, 2010

There's No Place Like Home-Sez Who?

Today is our last day in Maui. Our workout was a three hour hike and run - yes run! on a trail in Lahaina. "Lahaina" means "Cruel Sun" and as you can see by the photo, this is one dry trail. We climbed to 1500 ft. affording some stellar ocean and island views. It was amazing. Not only due to the lava trail, the company, and the workout, but mostly because my knee was in running shape today, nine months after the surgery. Part of this is mental. I am a trail runner! If you're not sure about trying something; that's a sure sign to do it!

Once back to the condo, it was time for a surf session. Amazing, warm waters including a baby sea turtle popping its head up and swimming next to my board.

I was feeling a teensy bit homesick (took two aspirin 'till the feeling passed) and walked the beach one final time. I saw a Mama Humpback Whale breach, followed by numerous baby breaches. When I got to the end of the beach, I was rewarded by an amazing rainbow. It will be good to get back to Laguna Beach to my daughters and pets. But who ever said "There's no place like home" Oh yeah, it was that Dorothy character whose best friends didn't have a heart, a brain or the nerve. Whatevah.

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