Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bikram Yoga Maui- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Luckily, I was born into this world as a rubber band. As all good rubber bands go, they give birth to even better rubber bands. Angela can stretch her foot all the way to the point where it actually touches her nose.

Today's workout was Bikram Yoga in Lahaina, HI. Since I now travel among the circles of the rich and famous, who should I run into at the studio but New York Times best selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer, a local Maui resident and practioner of Bikram Yoga. All of the celebrities I have met thus far have been exceedingly friendly. Both of them. That would include Freddy Krueger, who lives in Laguna Beach and Dr.Dyer. The thing about celebrities is that they are normal folk, just like you and me. I went up and introduced myself. He was all about asking me questions instead of the other way around. Where was I from, do I practice yoga in Laguna Beach, was I having a good time? He then proceeded to give me a gift, which was a copy of a movie he stars in, called The Shift.

I have read many of his books. He is a true visionary, writing about human potential. I neglected to tell him, possibly out of embarrassment, just how much one of his books affected me. When I was 19 and married to husband number one, it was, how shall I put this politely, not a great relationship. It was around that time that I picked up the best selling copy of his then current book, Your Erroneous Zones. It changed my thinking so much, that I left the marriage. I will never forget my then husbands famous last words: "Everything was just fine until you started reading that book" Such, my friends, is the power of gifted authors and yoga!


  1. I didn't realize that he wrote that book!!!! Look at you.. bumping into all these famous people! I had dinner next to Siegfried and Roy in Palm Springs a coupla weeks ago. But... I never said anything to them... instead, I just peeked at them here and there through the corner of my eye. ;O)

  2. Shawn: Yes, that is a wonderful book. He is such a nice guy, he was helping a new student standing in front of him with a particularly difficult posture, as she couldn't figure out the hand grip. Wait 'till you hear about my next celebrity sighting. I know you love them as much as I do :)