Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Expose Yourself To Art

Surfer Boy and I decided to get some culture over the weekend.  No, we didn't eat yogurt.  No we didn't wear cultured pearls and no, we didn't go to college.

Our usual weekend adventures consist of some type of extreme workout.  But since this beautiful knee of mine is healing, opportunities for new experiences are afforded.

The town we live in, Laguna Beach, is a famous artist's community.  Do we ever partake in any of it?  No!  The most we've done is the annual Sawdust Festival where you can buy yourself a pair of earrings created by a local artist.  You know, the type of earrings that are pretty much guaranteed to make sure you never get asked out on a date again.  Enough with the "dream catcher" earrings already!

When the local newspaper was delivered last week, I noticed that the dance company, Complexions, was coming to town.  They're considered a Contemporary Ballet company.  Surfer Boy and Me at a Ballet?  I don't care how well Black Swan did at the box office, the ballet always seemed a bit ho-hum to me.

But this was something beyond my wildest expectations!  There were no tu-tu's in evidence.  Instead, I was treated to some amazingly athletic hot dudes dancing in their underwear!  And Kerry was treated to hard bodied babes dancing in skin tight black lace costumes.

The local community theatre is a small venue.  We were in the third row with not only a great view, but we were also able to hear every grunt, groan and heavy breathing the dancers made.

Check out the videos on their website and if you get the opportunity, go see them!

I highly recommend you expose yourself to art.  Just make sure you're not wearing a black trench coat with nothing underneath when you do so.  And if you do, your secrets safe with me!

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