Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Surf Session

Kerry and I are starting a new tradition.  Meet us at San O' Sunday morning for surfing!

Phone calls made last night, three out of five invited showed up.  The weather: a balmy 49 degrees, but the water is 58 degrees so it's warmer in the water.  Perhaps it might feel that way.  If it weren't for the heavy fog.  As I paddled out to the lineup I felt amazingly grateful that my upper body is in great shape and I can paddle.  So what if I'm not engaging in my favorite sport of trail running?  The best part about cold water is that it brings the swelling down!  I'm able to stand on my longboard in a fairly comfortable position for the knee.  And gosh darn it - I look good in my wetsuit!!

Afterwards is the most important part.  Breakfast at the San Clemente Cafe, which is, oddly enough, in San Clemente.  Join us next week, will you?  I tell really corny jokes such as:  "Two peanuts were walking down the street.  One was a salted" (assaulted)  I warned you they were corny.


  1. Hi Jen! So great to meet you, and it's so great that my blog can help you somehow. The surgery is definitely worth it, so you are doing the right thing. It'll be quite a journey, but listen to the doctor, don't push it too soon, and it'll really give you a new life. I'm looking forward to following your journey... I hope you keep writing because, as I know, sometimes it gets tough. :)

  2. Ulyana: Thanks for your encouragement! My Surgeon is Dr. Bugbee at Scripss in La Jolla. I think you are local as well? I've already asked for an ocean view room. We're going to break out the champagne after the surgery and have some fun with this :)

  3. Hi Jen! I actually ended up having my surgery in Austin, TX. Easier since my family is there. I had the same issues as you did with the insurance. They, thank god, ended up covering it. Just like you said in your other post, the surgeon component was tiny compared to what the hospital charged...

    Have you checked out I'd go there and read about OCD lesions. I found all those discussion threads so helpful while planning for the surgery and for the recovery.

    There are some scary stories, but it's important to remember that people tend to freak out during the first few weeks of recovery. It really does get better and is absolutely worth it. I'd look for success stories. Those are very inspirational and more level headed, you know.

    Anyway, I can write/talk about this nonstop :) Good luck!