Tuesday, April 20, 2010

See Jen Run.......Or Not

Who out there is in the mood for a party? Before you answer, I need to tell you that it's a big time, blow out of the year, Pity Party.

I got the results from the MRI yesterday. Good news and bad news. Good news - everything that was done surgically to my knee 10 months ago has healed. Bad news - we have a new injury in the same knee. They call it an osteochondral defect measuring 3.0 x 5.5 mm along the medial femoral condyle. Aren't you glad you asked? Translation: A hole in the bone of my knee. The doctor, who is my GP (haven't discussed with the orthopedic surgeon yet) looked me in the eye and said "Are you ready to accept the fact that Wonder Woman has left the room?" NO!!!!!

Woke up early this morning, next to my hard body surfer boy husband who handed me a cup of coffee. As I looked out at another stellar Laguna Beach day, overlooking the ocean, watching the early morning world come to life, I filled my head with every positive thought I could muster up. I am the Master of Positive Thinking. I finally said "Screw it, I'm tired of pouring pink paint over everything" I walked over to my Ultra Marathon "shrine" with all my race medals, 100 mile belt buckles and my one race trophy where I actually placed in a 50k and felt like chucking the whole lot into the trash.

Then, I threw some cold water on my face and went to the 7am yoga class for day 17 of my self created 90 day Bikram Yoga challenge. I can do 80% of the class, so that's what I'm doing. I love a good endurance event. I wonder what the world record is for fine wine drinking?

Does anyone out there have any words of wisdom or advice? Anyone?


  1. Ugh. I am so sorry. I know this is a blow...but wait until you see the ortho Dr. and see what s/he says. Also, are you or have you seen a sports med. Dr? They have a VASTLY different approach than your average Dr.

    Hugs for you...I have been in your shoes...praying that it all turns out ok :)

  2. RawBody: Thank you for your encouragement. I for sure will be visiting a sports med Dr. Hugs