Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Official" Diagnosis

Spoke to the ortho Dr. on the phone. He says it's good ole' fashioned arthritis of the knee and "nothing can be done" Why do some of these doctors take delight in telling you that you just "ran too many miles"? I plan on taking matters into my own hands, second, third and fourth opinions. The finish line awaits. Thanks for all your good vibes.


  1. Hi Jen & Angela
    How could that Dr. say nothing can be done...that's ridiculous. I found this amazing product when my 4 year old golden was diagnosed with arthritis in his elbow. He started to limp last fall after running. There was no way I was going to stand by and watch him never run again and limp.
    Syn-Flex is the product made for both people and pets(it's a liquid glucosamine)his limp was gone in 4 days and he's been back running all winter and spring and no limp in sight. Amazing...

  2. Sue: Wow! I am going to check that product out right away. Thanks a million! Jen