Saturday, July 10, 2010

Harding Hustle Inaugural 30K - NOT!

My favorite training partner, Rico, called me a few days ago to invite me to watch him cross the finish line at the Inaugural Harding Hustle 30K trail run. Since I'm still not back to racing yet, but looking for any opportunity to be on the trail, I jumped at the chance. I figured that I would get there, do a hike on my own, see all the runners and take a photo of Rico crossing the finish line. But it was not to be. Here's where retirement (both Rico & I), dates, geography and time all collide in a place called the Twilight Zone.

Rico and I have spent thousands of hours training on numerous local trails, two of which are the Harding Truck Trail and Blackstar Canyon. For some reason, Rico prefers calling the Harding Truck Trail the bird sanctuary. The fact that there is a bird sanctuary there might have something to do with it. When he told me about the race he specifically said it will be at Blackstar Canyon which is exactly where I went. But NO! The race was actually at The Bird Sanctuary. Are you getting all this? Because I'm not.

I ended up doing a lovely hike at Blackstar Canyon, searching for the start/finish line. They bussed the runners in, so that's why I wasn't surprised that there were just the usual amount of cars there.

I posted some lovely pictures that I took of myself. I understand that they are doing wonderful research over at the Harvard Brain Center with expiring minds. Anyone interested? Rico?


  1. lol :) I'm sorry you did not meet up at the race but it looks like it was a beautiful day for a hike!

  2. Bummer you didn't make it to the actual race! The start of the Harding Truck Trail is sometimes called the Bird Sanctuary and sometimes called Tucker to make it even more confusing :)

  3. haha! I so can relate to this post! I'm sorry you missed his race and he missed his photo opp, but I can so relate to your confusion. Thanks for the heart-warming giggles.